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The number in the swarm is collected from the tracker and other methods of exchanging peers, such as DHT or Peer Exchange.

In torrent definitions, a leecher is someone who is both uploading and downloading.I think you have a very mixed up idea of the definitions in your head.

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Direct connection would be faster, but I can still get the data, it will just bounce around a bit and eventually find its way to my client, is that right.

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So if I load a torrent and it always reads 0 (number), where number is the only value that changes, I will not be able to download that torrent, correct.Definition of Seeds of Dissent from all online and printed dictionaries. Omnilexica.Leechers have a mixed meaning as it was. also referred to as peers.However if someone with a KEY piece that nobody else has leaves, then everyone else cannot complete the torrent till someone else restarts that torrent that has that missing key piece.I came here seeking the same answer as dudeboy but as I read this thread there was something that kept driving me nuts.For example, six ordinary peers and two seeds make a swarm of eight.

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Is it possible for the SEEDS column to have a 0 on the left side the entire time they are downloading.On June 6th, 2016, BitTorrent was made aware of a security issue involving the vendor which powers our forums.From VuzeWiki. The total numbers of peers and seeds for any torrent can be found either on the tracker hosting that.Since this is not an ideal world and the numbers are updated infrequently you can safely ignore these.Indeed, as Switeck explained, the number in the parentheses is the number of actual seeds seen in the swarm.We used it to describe someone who downloads things but never uploads.

If there are no Seeds, the only way to get a complete file is if all the pieces of the file can be found amongst the peers that are connected.Seeds for a Bible Garden. These seeds need to be cold statified before sowing.Your client still shows you the Seeds in your swarm so you see something like 0(14).

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Muneeb Ahsan said: manofchalk said: Hawkeye22 said: In torrent definitions, a leecher is someone who is both uploading and downloading.

In internet speak, a leecher is someone who gives nothing back, in this case someone that disconnects from a torrent as soon as they finish downloading.

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Swarm: Together, all the Seeds and Peers who are using the same torrent on the same tracker with you.Seeds name meaning, American baby Girl name Seeds meaning,etymology, history, presonality details. Please suggest meaning of name Seeds in other country,.


The tracker itself does not have a copy of the file, it only tracks the people who have the file (seeds) and the people who have part of the file (peers).

How to fix utorrent connecting to peers problem while downloading stuck. 3.4.9 2017 How To Fix Utorrent Connecting To Peers Problem. Seeds. Works 100.Labeled diagram of plant seed, c)Definition of germination, and d).

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For the torrent jobs list, it displays tracker scrape data ONLY IF the torrent is stopped and the option to scrape stopped torrents is enabled.It would be SOOOO cool if there was an effort to write a fully comprehensive explanation in laymans terms and put that right up there on the FAQ page or something.

Topic Search,seeds meaning,Topic seeds meaning,Topic Discuss Search. What are seeds, peers, trackers, pieces in uTorrent.Hopes this helps anyone that is still confused about the numbers. -Serial007.I need to go read up on SuperSeeding and turn on that darn Availability column in Utorrent.

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Just know that DHT makes allows trackers to share the burden of tracking swarms for torrents.

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Man.This is a great thread if only because it illustrates just how difficult it can be for folks to explain something technical in a bulletin board.

When a peer is connected, he downloads the pieces he does not have and uploads the pieces he does have.The Seed column need never go over ZERO -- what matters is availability MUST BE greater than 1 for you to finish a download.

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It could also include Seeds and Peers that are not currently connected.It is a peer to peer protocol, which means you download and upload to other people downloading the same file.

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