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This guide shows you how to install Ubuntu using Windows 10 without harming your hard drive in 24 easy to follow steps, complete with images.The end of Microsoft support for XP has some considering Linux or other OS moves.

I have written installation guides before and you might be wondering what is different about this one.Do you need to join your Linux workstation to a Windows Workgroup.

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Stick with what you know if you like but you are virtually on your own.This guide shows how to replace Windows 7 with Linux Mint whilst preserving other partitions such as data partitions and recovery partitions.

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One cost-effective and reliable way to reset a Windows password is to keep a copy of Linux with you and use the chntpw application.How to Use SSH to Access a Linux Machine from Windows. are potential security reasons to change this. bridges the scp command between Windows and Linux.


But switching from Windows to Linux is like switching from a car to a motorbike.

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Introduction Updated For Ubuntu 16.04 This is the 2nd guide showing how to dual boot Windows 10 and Ubuntu Linux.Get a taste of Linux without disrupting your Windows installation. Choose.

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This is a site dedicated to Linux and so I am of course going to recommend the Linux Mint option.Information and advice about moving from the Windows operating system to Linux.

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Windows 7 is now a second class citizen in the eyes of Microsoft.The final step in the installation process is to create the default user.

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You cannot change your Windows XP to Linux, that is not possible.MY JOURNEY FROM WINDOWS VISTA TO LINUX. I have also installed Beryl Manager so that I have much more options to change the look of my.

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I have a notebook here (HP 350 G2) with a build in HDD device with installed Windows 8.

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Replace the Retiring Windows XP with Linux. The bottom line is that any change away from Windows XP is going to involve expense and a learning curve,.When the process is complete reboot your computer and remove the USB drive.Here are 10 reasons why you should switch to Linux from Windows.

Enter a username and choose a password for the user. (you will need to repeat the password).Make sure you have the blank USB drive connected to your computer before continuing.The look and feel will be much like the Windows 7 interface you are currently using.

Changing your workgroup in Ubuntu Linux is a very important setup step if you are attaching your Ubuntu Linux machine to a Windows network.The HOME partition is used to store all of your files within Linux such as pictures, music, videos and configuration settings.

As you can see I have a photos folder with some pictures from my recent trip to New York.

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So I am wondering if I should change to Linux. How do I replace Windows 7 with Linux.

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