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I called Comcast tech support after I discovered that sites were blocked on.Norton ConnectSafe is supported by 15 data centers across the world.

From the Apple menu, open System Preferences, or click the Preferences icon in the dock.A good DNS service can protect users from a variety of unwanted Web intruders, including phishing sites and botnets.This video shows you how to change DNS to access blocked website.Google DNS is an alternative Domain Name System (DNS) to your current DNS provider.You are correct that DNS blocking is a bit of a crap method of blocking access,.Each time your computer visits a Web site, it needs to get the IP address of the site (computers only connect to IP addresses, not human-friendly names).Crowdsourcing Confirms: Websites. sites Google had quietly removed from its DNS.If the requested Web site is unsafe, you will see a warning that includes information on why we rated the site as dangerous.

Google Public DNS is a free, global Domain Name System (DNS) resolution service, that you can use as an alternative to your current DNS provider.

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Government Web sites that involve government entities, organizations, or functions.Individual advertisements can range from legitimate business ads to ads of an offensive nature.Google blocked, The Hosting Provider connection Do you or your clients get URL or DNS timeouts or URL\Network unreachable errors by search engines or online tools.

Virtual communities: Web sites that offer a variety of tools and mechanisms to enable a group of people to communicate and interact on the Internet.A hostname is the alphanumeric label assigned to a domain, such.Currently Norton ConnectSafe protection is only available when connected to a WiFi network.Computer Hacking Web sites that promote or provide the means to practice illegal or unauthorized acts using computer-programming skills.Smart DNS re-routes your traffic via smart DNS servers and virtually places you in a.Personals Web sites that promote or provide the opportunity for individuals to establish or continue romantic or sexual relationships.The following three pre-defined content filtering policies are available for home and personal use.

Anybody who uses the Web these days has probably developed extremely good.

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This category does not include sexual health topics, which are categorized under Sexual Education.Hosting services: Web sites that provide individuals and organizations with online systems for storing information, images, video, or any content accessible on the Web.These Web sites include those sponsored by print and visual media.

Norton ConnectSafe is updated every few minutes with the latest site rating information.OpenDNS is randomly blocking websites on my system - Almost all sites including Facebook, SkyDrive, LinkedIn, Google...

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Safe Web contains information on millions of sites and it is queried billions of times each day.

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Norton ConnectSafe protection is available on a smart phone when connected to a WiFi network.Job Search Web sites that are dedicated to job searching, job listings, resume exchanges, and head-hunting.

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It appears that Telstra has chosen to implement a DNS block,.Repeat steps 3-7 for each network connection (Airport, Ethernet, etc).A common technique to circumvent geographical content barriers is smart DNS.Google Public DNS is a free, global Domain Name System (DNS) resolution service, that you can use as an alternative to your.OpenDNS is the easiest way to make your Internet safer, faster and more reliable.Norton ConnectSafe only provides basic security and content filtering and is not a substitute for a full, multi-layered, client-based security solution such as Norton Internet Security or Norton 360.

Shopping Web sites that provide the opportunity to purchase goods or materials online.These sites may include historical or contemporary art but not nude art. (Sites that contain nude art are categorized under Mature Content.).

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How to Block All Adult Websites using Free OpenDNS. Alternative DNS Services to Block Porn Sites. you might want to block search engines, like,.Health Web sites that relate to the general category of human health.

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