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Time-Life Art/Photography Books (11 Volumes) (The Print

No useful liner notes, unless year-by-year trivia is considered useful.There are also examples of extremely heavy-handed noise reduction, which obliterates the background hiss but sucks the life out of the music, like on all but the very first CD releases of the Jimi Hendrix catalog.Try adjusting one of them laterally (in time) so that the samples line up near the beginning of the song.Each disc has a very straightforward song selection, pulling tracks from within a five-year window.These really raised the bar for every single compilation series that has ever followed.

To be fair, there are a handful of very well-done remixes out there that are very true to the original mixes.

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A celebration of the universe, displaying the whole of time, from its start to its final collapse.There are actually a whole lot of ways for a mastering engineer to screw up the sound of a CD.Likewise, you could buy a set of Sims Reference Bands, which were specially made rubber bands that fit around the outside of the disc in order to stabilize it as it spins, with the intent of reducing the workload of the focus and tracking servos.They had no effect on how CDs actually sounded, but if you spent enough money, you could convince yourself otherwise.Those had a handy auto-cue feature that automatically skipped over any silence at the beginning of the tracks, which my Magnavox could not do.CDs had a great run in the late 1980s and the 1990s and declined throughout the 2000s.The way I see it, CDs went out on a high note with those terrific Beatles discs in 2009.

Sound levels are a bit low, but the insanely thorough track selection makes up for it.These are the only existing CD source for many of the songs and are generally highly prized nowadays.

Not a fan of the 1981-1985 collections, which are generally too loud and clip a lot.By the time the keyboards kicked in, my jaw was on the floor.I verified that Vols. 1-4, 6-14, 16, and 17 are mastered by Dennis Drake.Bit Torrent search engine, with an awesome P2P community sharing comments and ratings in discovering new media.

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The soul equivalent of the Have A Nice Day series, and extremely well done.Listening for extended periods to brickwall-mastered music is thought to fatigue the ears.

Torrents-Time is a plug-in that in conjunction with a new breed of.Find it on a CD mastered by Bill Inglot and released before about 1996.In the same CD player, these two discs will sound as close to each other as you can get, if you adjust the volume knob to match the volumes of your playback.There are complete Time-Life discographies available on the Internet, with full titles and track listings.In general, you want to use the lowest-generation analog source tapes that you can find, preferably the original two-track mixdown tapes whenever possible.

In general, if you find a collection on Time-Life that has Dennis Drake listed as the mastering engineer, then you can be assured that it sounds excellent.All are single CDs, with seventeen to twenty-one tracks each.

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Only ten tracks per disc and skimpy notes, but really terrific sound.They were introduced in the U.S. on March 2, 1983, when CBS Records released their first sixteen titles.The remaining 5% was used to crank out a stereo mix, often as an afterthought.These tracks have been under more scrutiny than most in my collection, and I still wholeheartedly recommend all seven of them.Fading a track early, or cutting off the tail-end of a fade, usually happens for only one of two reasons.

I note the Dennis Drake discs below and heartily recommend any of the discs he worked on.Some tracks may use the same analog transfers as existing CDs.If the high-end, or treble, disappears or drops during the fade-out, then noise reduction was used.I think the first pitch control I ever saw on a CD player was on a top-loading Technics model number SL-P1200, which came out around 1990 and was built as heavy as a Technics 1200 turntable.Doing this sucks the dynamic range out of a song, so that the soft parts are basically as loud as the loud parts.But if you do a comparison of two discs on one particular player, if one disc has a particular set of zeroes and ones and another disc has the exact same zeroes and ones but had some fancy post-purchase treatment applied to it, the two discs will sound the same.


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