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One way to figure out why your SQL queries take so long is to time responses on the LAN and relate them to your LAN connection speed (10Mbps or 100Mbps), then repeat the process for your WAN connection.Knowing the common configuration and connectivity problems and having a troubleshooting procedure to follow will help you debug your VPN connections.For example, use the Net Use Z: \\my server \myshare command.If you are having problems connecting to the VPN,. a remote desktop connection after you.When the VPN client creates the VPN connection, another default route and a host route to the IP address of the tunnel server are added, as illustrated in Figure 9.16. The previous default route is saved but now has a higher metric.To begin to troubleshoot this problem, make sure you set the workgroup to the target NT domain name on all Win9x clients.When creating the PPP connection, IPCP negotiation with the ISP NAS assigns a public IP address.Many readers experience these problems, especially the domain membership configuration problem.

As a result, the client can forward the IP datagrams to the ISP NAS from where they are routed to its Internet location.If you want the VPN server to restrict incoming packets to PPTP and host an Internet-accessible Web site, you can make a Registry modification that lets other packets through the filtered interface to the local system only.A user can authenticate to a standalone server in two ways: with a local account on the RAS server or with a Registry edit that forces the server to authenticate credentials against the domain SAM.When you place a VPN server behind your firewall, be sure to enable IP protocol 47 (Generic Routing Encapsulation—GRE) and TCP port 1723.

Look at the default gateway setting for the PPTP connection,.

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Disable PPTP filtering on the server (Net Stop RASPPTPF), and see whether you can establish a nonfiltered connection.

After you configure the client, you need to verify that the VPN server has a connection to the Internet.For all of these cases, you must add the routes very carefully to ensure that the private traffic to the intranet is forwarded using the VPN connection and not the PPP connection to the ISP.

I have four more recommendations to help you keep the server configuration simple and straightforward for troubleshooting purposes.The process is really a lot simpler than it appears to be at first glance.The connection uses port 1723 for general housekeeping, such as PPTP tunnel creation, maintenance, and termination.

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This address is either the first address in the static address pool or the first available DHCP address in your RAS server configuration.Many server problems affect client browsing, but the list of potential problems and solutions is too long to cover in this article.

I then tried to enable RRAS with VPN support on a Win2K Server.Intranet locations are reachable and Internet locations are not reachable when the VPN connection is active.

Given that everything is variable, what type of throughput might I expect.For VPN clients who want concurrent access to intranet and Internet resources when the VPN is connected, the solution depends on the nature of the IP addressing in the intranet.

Thus, this change can prevent UNIX and Macintosh systems from logging on to your VPN server.Adding the new default route means that all Internet locations except the IP address of the tunnel server are not reachable for the duration of the VPN connection.

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XP has been nothing but a head ache but thanks to your web site I can work out the bugs.As long as ISP service or Internet connectivity is available, clients can connect to your server or LAN from anywhere in the world.We have a setup with using an connection with for We are experiencing the gateway. Skip. and are testing out the remote access vpn.Microsoft introduced MSCHAP V2, a more secure version of MSCHAP, after SP3.Get answers to questions, share tips, and engage with the IT professional community at myITforum.

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You also need to enable these ports on all firewalls and routers that are between the client and the server for unicast (point-to-point) traffic.

Cannot access internet or remote network after connecting to Windows VPN. can I set up a gateway.After I upgraded the server to SP6, I was able to connect the client successfully.

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This means that the VPN gateway or router. select the network interface for connecting the. click New and specify an address range for the remote VPN gateway.In this scenario, a default route already exists pointing to the local intranet router.Many of the articles I have seen on VPN explain how it works in theory, but I have not seen much written on what steps you need to implement VPN, especially between two servers.When the remote client expands Network Neighborhood, the client shows itself and all other clients in its browse list, but the remote system never appears in Network Neighborhood on the LAN.

A RAS server can use three different authentication protocols to authenticate PPTP users.

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