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When you use Google services, you trust us with your information.

Protect your valuable business connections — and your data by changing these settings in LinkedIn.The only sure thing in the world of information security is that there is no such thing as a failsafe solution.For sensitive data that you need to sync across devices, a better alternative is to use an encrypted cloud storage service.

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You can use a file encryption utility like BoxCryptor to encrypt files before storing them on remote storage services like Dropbox.

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Many online services, such as Facebook, Twitter and Gmail, now offer encrypted connections.PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done.That means your data is available to law enforcement officials who obtain the right paperwork, regardless of how little objective justification they have for looking at your stuff.Disabling Wi-Fi except when you are using it will prevent promiscuous broadcast of personal information.

Here is a list of ten things that you should or should not do in order to protect and maintain some level of privacy about your personal and daily life.If your storage needs are larger, try Switzerland-based Wuala, which offers 5GB free.

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In a few seconds, your phone will identify your Facebook account code and add it to Authenticator.This diagram illustrates the difference between using an unencrypted connection and using a VPN-secured Internet connection at your average coffee shop.These days it often feels like online privacy is an unattainable illusion.In Australia, citizens should also be demanding a much more fundamental and long-term solution: a bill of digital rights.Then there are the malicious hackers trying to reset email, Facebook, and Twitter passwords.For maximum privacy, you should access your files only via the SpiderOak desktop client.

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SpiderOak, based in Illinois, offers 2GB of free online storage, which should be enough for the mission-critical documents you need to sync across devices.Identify your right to privacy in the home. The U.S. Constitution guarantees your right to privacy in the home by prohibiting unreasonable searches and seizures by.Over a VPN, however, your ISP can see only your connection to the VPN.Encryption is the process of encoding information so that it is only intelligible to those given access to read it.

But while the convenience of viewing your latest photos on Dropbox or of pulling text documents from iCloud may be fantastic, much of your data sits on company servers either unencrypted or protected with a layer of encryption beyond your control.Unfortunately, your email messages will only be encrypted if the people you are communicating with also use a compatible encryption service, so this limits its usefulness.However, there are couple of problems with that bit of advice.Take these simple steps to protect your valuable personal information.GPS: Your mobile provider is able to identify your approximate location using cell towers.Another popular choice in privacy-enthusiast circles is Private Internet Access, which similarly claims not to.

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You can use a free virtual private network client like OpenVPN to connect to a VPN service where you have an account, so you can browse the Web through an encrypted tunnel.Here are seven ways you can protect your personal information and privacy online.No security regimen short of complete hermitage can keep you 100 percent secure.

First, much of the information available from our near-ubiquitous Internet access is easily accessible not just to intelligence agencies, but also to online service providers, their advertisers, people who might want to steal your identity, and, increasingly, anyone with reasonable technical skill.Two-factor authentication, encrypted remote storage, virtual private networks: These are your weapons in the fight for Internet security.

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The Web is a wild place, with more than the NSA potentially out to get you.

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Stop leaving private data in the cloud Online file-syncing services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and SkyDrive are among the best innovations to grace the Internet.Health care professionals and the federal government take your health information privacy seriously.As is true of any online secure service, you have to be comfortable with the company and trust that the service is doing what it claims it is to keep your data secure.

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With the so-called six strikes antipiracy initiative in full effect, you never know if Hollywood is monitoring your peer-to-peer activity.So what can be done to minimize the security risks that come with some apps.Both services provide back-up and Dropbox-like functionality.A far simpler method, however, is to find a file-syncing service that offers built-in storage encryption.Secure the line One of the worst online security mistakes you can make is to connect to an email, bank, or other sensitive account over public Wi-Fi.

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