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The first step to getting the American Version of Netflix on your Andriod is to get a software that.There are other options then a DD-WRT enabled router as well.

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Unlike Pandora, you can get the Netflix app from the Canadian App store here.Description: What you want to call your VPN connection (HMA-iPhone, HMA VPN, Seattle VPN, Salt Lake City VPN, etc.).

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I cancelled my trial Canadian account, turned on HMA then created an American account.

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Make sure you activate your HMA connection so your are virtually residing in the USA and once you are you will see a very different library of shows, movies, etc. at Netflix.Method 1 shows you how to set one up without needed a US Credit Card or US iTunes gift card.You can still find technical advice using these IDG resources: For PC help, please try.

Make sure you clear your cookies and cache before you visit after turning on HMA.Using a cable to tether your iPad to your TV is one of the ways that I watch the American Netflix in Canada but I use my iPhone.

Just take a look in the setting and see if there is anywhere that lets you set up a VPN.Smart DNS allows you to choose whichever Netflix region you wish, including American Netflix.Another great way to access the US Netflix library in Canada is directly from on your computer.Yes, you can switch your location using HMA with a few clicks of your mouse.Once you have HMA set up on that router you will connect your Wii to that router.StrongVPN tricks Netflix into thinking you are connecting to them from the USA.Once HMA is installed on the router then your entire WiFi network will be virtually residing in the USA.Once you get HMA you will be able to access their 139 servers and 17,583 unique IP addresses in the Unites States with ease.

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However, for some reason, my library on my PS3 Netflix is still the same.You could always look to simply tether your computer to your TV.How to Access. Previous Previous post: How to access Facebook from China.When I used the ps4 I see the movies displayed to canada however when I click to view it say it seems I an using a proxy server and cannot access.

HMA makes watching the American version of Netflix on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch so simple thanks to their iOS app.Hey Brent, I noticed a lot of the comments are older now but I just installed this on my ipad.Wirelessly, the router is very fast (it was built for gaming) but you can also connect your Apple TV with a Ethernet cable directly to the router improving your streaming experience.

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Here is a post I wrote about the Dangers of Public WiFi and How To Protect Yourself.

Here you will find out how you can get access to Brazilian Netflix,.I got everything up and running individually (computer, tablet) with HMA but decided to go with the ASUS router too so I can watch netflix through the Wii instead of having to plug my computer in and risk tripping over the HDMI cable all the time.

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Do I have to have a US credit card or will my Canadian one work fine.

In 2011, I started How to Get it in Canada with the goal of helping Canadians just like you learn how to access websites that are otherwise blocked because they live in Canada.

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All it asked for was my ZIP and I used the one associated with the HMA location.

I hope that one of the other options to get US Netflix onto your TV suits your needs.Here is another guide that might help with the router and Roku set up: click here.If you set up the special DD-WRT enabled router with HMA anything behind this router (your TV, iPad, iPhone, Laptop, etc.) will be virtually residing in the USA.I would like to know if you can skip using DD-WRT Router and program the HMA VPN directly into WD Live TV or a Boxee Box to watch US content (Netflix) from Canada without having your PC turned on.However, Smart TVs cannot directly connect to a VPN (Virtual Private Network).Make sure you choose a decent VPN service that has minimal effect on Internet speed.

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