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But before you try to work around this problem, find out whether it really affects you.The Send button opens your email client so that you can easily send us the FEAT VPN log from your device via email.In the section Download User Profile enter your password again and click on Download Profile.If you touch and hold the Clear button, the log screen is cleared and FEAT VPN logs statistics about CPU usage of the four FEAT VPN components.The HMA configurations seem to use port 53 for UDP and port 443 for TCP.

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Please also let us know in our support forum, if you cannot connect to your server when using the reference configuration.

But there are also other users for whom one ping packet every two minutes is not enough.TunnelBear for Android unblocks your favorite censored or blocked.Push the Cancel button to abort the VPN tunnel connection attempt.If the Internet connection works and the test still fails, then let us know in our support forum.If you have configured a VPN tunnel and FEAT VPN asks you for a user name and password when you connect, then you need to contact your VPN service to obtain this information.If you start FEAT VPN and it indicates that both versions are installed, please uninstall FEAT VPN Lite.FEAT VPN detects when you switch from mobile data to Wi-Fi and vice versa and automatically restarts the OpenVPN tunnel on a switch.Keep in mind that you need to install the correct version of FEAT VPN for your version of Android.

In this case, the log tells us that all tests passed on the Android device of your specific.The test screen essentially provides an extended version of the checks described under Device Problems in the section Startup.

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The previously entered user name and password are invalid and authentication with the VPN server failed.

Other than that, there are a few other things that you can do on this screen.

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Follow our easy step-by-step setup guides to install and configure your VPN connection with OpenVPN for Android.

In this way, existing log entries are not pushed up and you can comfortably review the existing log entries.Pushing the back button of your device always takes you back from the tunnel list screen to the main screen, on tablets as well as on phones.Tunnel packets from the client travel over a wireless link and are thus prone to packet loss, in particular in case of a weak or no signal.If you are connected and this test still fails for you, let us know in our support forum.

Again, scroll horizontally and, if required, vertically to review the four steps.This is the file name of the private key used to authenticate with the VPN server.

See the section Initial FEAT VPN Setup for details on these tests.Download VPN Over DNS Tunnel: SlowDNS v58 Apk from globalapk with direct link.It starts OpenVPN and tries to establish an OpenVPN tunnel to our test OpenVPN server.While it is our app that asks you for the user name and password, it is your VPN service who has to supply this information to you.Scroll horizontally and, if needed, vertically to review the given ten steps.In our experience they do not have much of an impact, though.

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Click on the Download Client Software link of the active service that you would like to use FEAT VPN with.A text input field is shown that allows you to enter the password for unlocking the key, so that the user can be used for authentication with the VPN server.This downloads a configuration ZIP archive, which we will modify a little in the next steps.The following screen shot shows the main screen of FEAT VPN on Android phones.


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