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We would like to know more details why our new application does not meet your expectations.Our goal was to bring you new, faster and more friendly search interface.

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We will be trying to improve or solve them through one of the future updates.

Steve H July 4, 2017 Warning,,they added a new feature real view navigation.YOU are just NOT ready for interactive search yet. Thank you.

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The old one where you could select the country first was better.

Maps are more up to date for areas where construction is a issue.

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The new addon Real View causes my Samsung Galaxy s6 edge to overheat.Client freezes especially in new ar view, waste of money for that atm.

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The search function has been updated and can find things waaay more easily.


New augmented view looks nice but having spent money on the app already it needs to be included and not an add on that costs 50% of the original app price.Sygic allows you to download the maps you need for your trip, saving your mobile data and lowers your power consumption.A Google User Very good app, with very nice graphics and interface.

More of a gimmick than anything else and certainly not worth the cost.Sygic uses a nice preview window to show what lane you should be in.Have now deleted the complete app and re-installed it including downloading the maps again with no change it keeps crashing.Told me I was going to download via phone network and would be better downloading via WIFI.

Read more My review Review from Reviews 4.4 1,245,913 total 5 852,607 4 210,083 3 70,882 2 32,102 1 80,239 Helpfulness Newest Rating Helpfulness Brad Nagel The GPS application runs smoothly and does seem to pick a great route when using navigation.

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User reviews Brad Nagel July 9, 2017 The GPS application runs smoothly and does seem to pick a great route when using navigation.I complaint about search engine and outdated maps and one month later they redesign its search engine completely.They also enabled the link share so i can get the address transfered from a google search for example, or from a calendar, etc.We are working on a major map update which is going to be published in next few days.

July 13, 2017 Dear Roman, we are really sad to read your negative feedback concerning the new search.We apologize, but we are limited to 350 characters in replies to application reviews.Robert from Customer Care Team July 5, 2017 I purchased the prime option a few years ago, I like the maps and functionality, but.Constantly crashes and today it decided all by itself to delete all of my maps.July 3, 2017 Hello, new major map update will be released during this week in following days.Says my home address is not in UK maps but when permission granted for device location low and behold there it is street name house number village etc.Dont waste time and money Google maps much better Full Review Sygic.I download iran and syria with no problem But when i download iraq map it does not appear to downloaded successfully Hope ot will solve Regard Saeed Full Review Sygic.

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July 10, 2017 Hello, our support will gladly help you with any issues you might have regarding the application.July 5, 2017 Hello, thank you for your rating and we are sorry for this situation.


Full Review Steve R July 5, 2017 This app does everything i need an i will purchase the premium version.A Google User Have been using Sygic for years now, I would say decade.Santiago Kummert Works very well most of the time, in Belgium where I live it works perfectly but then again the road system is well managed.Dario Volaric July 13, 2017 Looks very promising and I love all the features.

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Play notification as Bluetooth call which worked for years is now broken - it forgets to hangup.Now a lot more streamlined, and can finally search by post code.Full Review July 3, 2017 The recent update has improved the application greatly.

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Full Review A Google User July 2, 2017 I hate the new search, it is sluggist, last for ever to get a result and you have to type in more of the names.The maps do have more detail than what other GPS applications use.

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